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 The Posidonia and The ecosystem

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Júlia Sales

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PostSubject: The Posidonia and The ecosystem   Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:52 pm


The Oceanian Posidonia, which is typical in the Mediterranean sea, covers, like fields, the deepsea, and the nearer costal zones. The Posidonia is not an algae, it is a plant, with its flowers and fruits. This plant is green and very long, it could measure 1 or 2 meters. The rest of the Posidonian leaves group together and form brown balls. It looks like hair.
The Posidonia also retains the wave strength of waves.

We went to Sitges, a beatiful village near Barcelona. There, the teacher explained to us a lot of things about the Mediterranean sea. We made some activities about the beaches and the ports of the Catalan coast. We also did some experiments to discover the chemical composition of the coastal rocks and the shellfish. We learnt some things about the Posidonia. We had a little lesson about it. The teacher explained to us that the Posidonia is now in a dangerous situation because the pollution is destroying the Posidonian fields. And that’s not good, because the Posidonia is very important.
This plant helps. Yes, helps the marine ecosystem.
The Posidonia helps:

RETAINING THE SAND: the Posidonia helps to maintain the sand into the sea, because the sand could “escape” from the deepsea and fill the beaches.

EROSION: if the sand is in its place, the sand does not erod the maritim promenade or other costal estructures, changing the deepsea.

CLEANING THE SEA: the Posidonia rots the organic rests.

Fishing is destroying the Posidonian fields too, but not all the fishing. The dragging fishing is the problem. Why? Because the fishermen throw the nets to the sea, then, they drag them in the deepsea, destroying the plants, the rocks and the animals. Dragnet fishing is the worst for the plants and the algae.
The ships also leave the oil in the sea, and that’s the death for the fish and the marine plants and algaes too. The humans pollute too much. A lot of people throw papers, tins, plastics and polluting waters to the sea.
Another thing that is destroying the Posidonia, is an alga called “Culerpa”.

CULERPA, this alga fills the deepsea destroying other algae like the Possidonia. The Culerpa is too difficlt to eliminate because one piece of this alga could grow and grow, it's too difficult to destroy


In our sea, the Mediterranean, we have many types of marine animals depending on the temperature, the location, and the characteristic of the water like the salinity, pollution…

We have fish, algaes, mollusks, echinoderms, crustaceans, reptiles, plants, annelids, sponges, corals, mammals...

The marine and coastal ecosystems are worsening very fast, and this affects the breeding and fishing.

Greenpeace suggests an establishment of marine reserves and this could be the solution to protect marine species and also to end the fishing crisis.
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The Posidonia and The ecosystem
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