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 round tables fishing (Salonika)

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Marta Míguez

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PostSubject: round tables fishing (Salonika)   Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:51 pm

The fact that the Mediterranean Sea is nearly closed makes that its water is poorly renewed with water from the Atlantic Ocean. Then it has poor nutrients, which affects the fauna very much. The amount of species in the sea has decreased a lot. We have to do something about it.

About my city
Like the other parts of the world fishing in Salonika is limited. In Salonika in the late 1980s the annual catch was about 135.000t, most of which was consumed in the country. In 1994 the fishing in Salonika and in Greece grew. The variety of fish species has declined greatly. Also the number of jellyfish has grown and that’s a big problem. But in the recent years Salonika is progressing towards a sustainable movement. So you can see we are fighting for a cleaner sea. And now in Salonika there are species and sites which are protected.

Students who live in towns with a port could go there and watch and report the boats that use driftnets or catch small fish.
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round tables fishing (Salonika)
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