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 "All" the proposals (4 round tables)

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Claudia Serna

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PostSubject: "All" the proposals (4 round tables)   Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:01 pm


The proposals of removable energies’ round table are:

-To put solar panels on the roofs of all the schools along the Mediterranean, for self usage and selling the rest of the energy.

-More win mils in the sea.

-To inform people about the necessity of recycling, creating a recycling day, in which all the young people will inform about recycling.

The proposals of tourism’s round table are:

-Create an agency through internet which enables the young people in the Mediterranean to visit different countries shearing houses and in this way we will know how move about the costumes and the languages.

-Rich countries have to help the poorer countries to rebuild the places. Create new sites of interest to redistribute the tourism.

The proposals of fishing round table are:

-The fishing boats should be improved technologically and have electronic devices such as radars to detect the fish they want to catch.

-All Mediterranean countries should follow the European Union regulations to control excessive catch, respect sizes and the breeding periods.

-Fisheries could be an alternative, where the selected species of fish would be bred and there would be less need to catch them in the sea.

-As Greenpeace suggests, create “ocean parks”, marine reserves protected from pollution or fishing to regenerate the sea.

-Students who live in towns with a port could go there and watch and report the boats that use driftnets or catch small fish.

-Start a campaign in schools telling students to object to buy or eat any small fish.

The proposal of food and water round table is:

-We could expand the algaes farming like the purple leiver in Japan and Korea.
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"All" the proposals (4 round tables)
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