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 Renewable energy, Malta

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PostSubject: Renewable energy, Malta   Fri Mar 12, 2010 12:15 pm

1. The big problem in Malta are the hot zones in all of the country. But the solucion for this problem it's easy because we use the photovoltaic panels.
2. We intent to make renewable energy as a strong tool for economic development and attract foreing capital to grow "green" energy.
3. The market for renewable energy, is still initial stages, but is an extraodinary opportunity to create new and well paid jobs.
4. In light of the Kyoto Protocol and the objectives of the European Union the solar sector is becoming more amd more internationally industrialised.
5. With a commitment, and safeguarding the land for tourism, Malta could well become the "tip of diamond" of Europe to the Mediterranean countries for clean energy.
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Renewable energy, Malta
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