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 Monastir, Tunisia

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Nil San Luis

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PostSubject: Monastir, Tunisia   Thu Oct 22, 2009 7:42 pm


I'm Monastir a city from Tunisia in Africa. I'm 20 km south of Sousse and 162 km south of Tunis (the capital). I'm on the central shore of Tunisia, in the Sahel area. I have 71, 546 habitants. I'm in the heart of the Mediterranean.We speak Arabic and French.
Monastir was founded on the ruins of the Punic–Roman city of Ruspina.
Traditionally I was a fishing port, but now I'm a major tourist resort. You can visit me by plane to Habib Bourguiba international airport, by sea or by road.

I have a famous fortification named Ribat that you can't forget to visit it.
There are towers, walls, basements… From here you can see an spectacular view of the city and the sea. In this place was filmed the famous movie: Brian's life.

You can also visit the "zoco", a very big market in the street.
I'm a combination of the traditional and modern that characterizes Tunisia.
Enjoy a walk for the maritime avenue that offers the Mediterranean and if you feel tired you can relax in anyone of the hundreds hotels and restaurants that I have.

Roine-Alps is the only sister that I have since 1984.

My beaches have a crystalline intense blue water with golden and white sand,
As I'm in the Sahara desert, I'm very pour in vegetation, but I'm very rich in sand.
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Monastir, Tunisia
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