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 English, Prague

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Marta Matamoros

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PostSubject: English, Prague   Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:37 pm

Hi I’m Prague; I’m going to introduce which city I am.

My name is Prague, but some tourist recognised me by some different names like, the city of hundred towers, the golden city, Paris of the 20s in the 90s, the mother of all the cities, Europe's heart. I am the capital of the Czech Republic; my area is about 496 km2.
We belong to the European Union and I am representing the Eastern European Union cities.
I’m a touristic city, I have a lot of historical monuments, and they are very interesting to go and visit; THE PRAGUE CASTLE, CHARLES BRIDGE, BRIDGE TOWERS, OLD TOWN HALL WITH ASTRONOMIC CLOCK, PRAGUE GHETTO, St. NICOLAS CHURCH, PETRIN VIEW TOWER, LORETA, VYSERHRAD. If you want to go for walk you can go to one of the most interesting European Zoos, or maybe you can try a ride on the city cruiser across the Vltava river or do exercise with the bicycle in a determinates routes that you can find in one of the tourist information house.
I have a lot of twin cities for example: Berlin, Tunis, Brussels, Madrid, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Teramo, Kyoto, Moscow, Nuremberg, Paris, Phoenix, Trento, Saint Petersburg, Tirana, Taipei and Jaslo.

My city has 2.100 areas which are protected. But we have a problem, we don’t have too many parks in the urban area, and the city hall is trying to grow green areas in the city. The car pollution is we have to do something very soon.
Along the history the Mediterranean Sea had given lots of importance to my city because in the 9th and the 10th century Prague was an strategic city of commerce placed between the two most important seas, the Baltic and the Mediterranean. During the kingdom of king Charles IV who had the biggest and the richest empire that was surrounded by the Baltic and the Mediterranean seas. This was the relation between my city and the Med.

I invite you to visit me.

Marta Matamoros Soriano 4rt B ESO
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English, Prague
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