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 Split, Croatia

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Bernat Burriel

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PostSubject: Split, Croatia   Fri Oct 23, 2009 2:56 pm


Hello, I’m Dimitri and I live in split a Croatian city. Split is colourful, wonderful and spectacular and I think it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has got some beaches that are perfect to lay there and relax because they are in the Mediterranean sea and it’s one of the most perfect seas in the world. I think that you have to come hear to visit this city and I’m going to give you some reasons.

Split is a Croatian city in front of the Mediterranean Sea, we called it Adriatic, between the Kozjak and Mozor mountains. It has got about 221.000 habitants and is 39.000m2 large. It is a very touristic and cultural city because we have lots of monuments and old beautiful houses. For me the most interesting monument I’ve visited is the fantastic and beautiful roman palace. People also come to see the old city that some people think that it comes from the Greek colonies.We speak Croatian but being a turistical city most people speak Italian,English,Greek...

Split has got a lot of twin towns: Los Angeles, Ancona, Antofagasta, Punta, Bet, Cockburn, Dover, Gladsaxe, Mostar, Odessa, Ostrava, Czech Republic, Beirut, Stip, Izmir, Trondheim, Velenje and Charlottenburg. A twin town is a place in Croatia having standing links to local communities in other countries.

Split has got one of the most important harbours of the Mediterranean Sea where there are lots of fishing boats, and some tourists ships. From Split you can go to a lot of different islands like the Dalmatians islands which are Brac, Hvar, Šolta, Vis, Korčula, Lastovo, to Italy, or lots of other countries.
We practice a typical swimming and amusing sport called picigin. In this sport there are usually five players, and a tennis size ball . We make a circle and start to pass the ball to each other. First we start slowly but some minutes later we start to pass the ball faster. Picigin is a non-competitive sport: there aren’t opposite sides, no points, any winners or losers. It is a relaxing game. Players don't catch the ball, they hit it with the palm of their hand. It’s a local tradition that people from Split play the first day of the year in the Bačvice beach , it doesn’t matter if the water is cold or warm, we go to the beach and play this game.

Split is an ecological city, it doesn’t produce much pollution and it’s tolerant with the nature. The bad thing is that Split has a very big harbour and for this reason it makes some pollution that goes into the sea.

If I have convinced you and finally you decide to come here don’t doubt, come to see me and I will be your guide in this exciting city.

Bernat Burriel
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Split, Croatia
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