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 Edinburh, Scotland

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Elisabet Filella

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PostSubject: Edinburh, Scotland   Fri Oct 23, 2009 3:04 pm


I live in Edinburgh,capital of Scotland,the city lies on the East coast near the North sea.
It is the second most visited city after London in UK. The city has a beautiful park called Princes Street Gardens that it is a big green area and it has two parts the New Town and Old Town,where the visitant can find fantastic examples of Medieval and Georgian architecture.
We speak Gaelic and English and our Parliament,a new building by the Catalan architec Enric Miralles, is is the centre of Scotland.

Enveloped by the coast and the mountains that's why it is called "city of winds" because it has the winds of east and west.

My city is famous because we celebrate the International annual Festival of Edinburgh which is the world's largest. During the festivals the city doubles population and in summer there are more than 13 million tourists.

It has twelve cities sisters that share cultural, economic and educational interests:
Munich, Florence, Nice, Vancouver, Kiev, Aalborg, Motley, San Diego, Dunedin, Krakow, Xi'and Segovia.

For a long time my city threw the toxic products to the sea and now the problem is that it is accumulated in the marine food chain and is bad for fish and marine ecosystem.
We are waiting for you to come over and study if altogether can do something for our seas.
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Edinburh, Scotland
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