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 Tarragona, Spain

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Marc Ribas

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PostSubject: Tarragona, Spain   Fri Oct 23, 2009 7:36 pm

Hi, I’m from Tarragona and I want to show you the most important places, monuments and buildings of it. Tarragona is next to the Mediterranean sea, on the community of Catalonia. It has 142.869 habitants, and it is 63 Km².We speak Catalan, Spanish and many people English,German and French.
Tarragona is a historical city, because on the first century after Christ the army of Rome came to Tarraco and built the Roman Circus, the Aqueduct, the Colonial Forum and the Walls. The Roman Circus is the most beautiful and special building of Tarragona in my opinion, because the architecture is very surprising and I can imagine the chariot races and I like it a lot.We have a special link with the other side of the Mediterraneum specially with Italy and Greece.
The city of Tarragona is twin sister with Avinyó (France-1968), Alguer (Italiy-1972), Orleans (France-1978), Sttaford (England-1992), Klagenfurt (Austria-1996) and Pompeii (Italy-2006). Tarragona is twin sister with these cities because all of them have history about the Romans.
Tarragona had presented its candidature for the Mediterranean Games. These Games will be on the year 2017. I wish that Tarragona can organize these games, because if we organize the games lots of people can come and see the extraordinary city that Tarragona is.
Tarragona wants the environment to be better, that`s why there are installations where they clean the water and also recycle.
Our beaches are clean and the water is calm and warm,so people can also come in winter.
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Tarragona, Spain
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