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 Barcelona, Spain

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Paula Martinez

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PostSubject: Barcelona, Spain   Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:24 pm

Hi! I’m Barcelona, the capital city of Catalonia.
I have more than 1.500.000 inhabitants and I’m about 100km2.We speak Catalan and Spanish but many people speak English,French,Italian and German.
I have been the stage of many famous events like the Olympic Games in 1992, and now I’m the headquarters of the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean.
The climate is the typical in the Mediterranean: wet, temperate and very rainy in specific days.
One of the most important business place is the seaport, that helps in the economy of the city.
I have a lot of tourists visiting the monuments, the museums and all the architecture of Antoni Gaudí. I’m the capital of modernism!
I’m twin sister with other cities: Montpellier in France; Rio de Janeiro in Brazil; Monterrey (Mexico); Boston( United States); Busan( South Korea); Cologne (Germany); São Paulo (Brazil); Montevideo( Uruguay); St.Petersbur(g Russia); Havana(Cuba); Kobe( Japan); Antwerp( Belgium); Istanbul( Turkey); Tel Aviv( Israel); Gaz(a Palestinian National Authority); Dublin( Ireland); Athens( Greece); Isfahan (Iran); Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Valparaíso (Chile); Shanghai (China); Dubai (United Arab Emirates); Thiruvananthapuram (India).As you can see I am a sister to many cities in the Mediterraneum, it is because we are alike and we have a lot in things in common that units us.
I think that I’m a fantastic city, the people here live very well and you can enjoy every corner of Barcelona.Many university students come here with Erasmus grants because we offer lots of advantages.
Come to visit us!!!
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Barcelona, Spain
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