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 Salonika, Greece

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Marta Míguez

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PostSubject: Salonika, Greece   Fri Oct 23, 2009 9:34 pm

I’m from Salonika but in Greek language we write Σαλονίκη. Salonika is the second biggest city in Greece. It is placed in the middle of the gulf of Thermaikos. In my city there are living about one million of people. The city has an area of a twenty square kilometres. Salonika is a historical city. In the last years the old agora has been discovered. Also you can find byzantine mosaics and admire the city wall that surrounds it.
But all these things I’m explaining aren’t all I can tell about my city.There are a lot of important monuments too, for example the Platia Aristotelous, it’s square near the sea, Agia Sofía, it’s a big church between gardens. Bey Haman the Turkish baths, and the Hamza Bey Dazmí which is a mosque. I could continue telling important facts about this beautiful city but I would never stop because it has a lot of monuments of many different cultures.

Sister cities are towns and cities in geographically and politically distinct areas to promote cultural and commercial ties. My town is a sister city with Alexandria, Bolonia, Bratislava, Colonia, Constanta, Hartford, Calcuta, Korçë, Leipzig, Limassol, Melbourne, Nice, Plovdiv, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Tianjin and Dongguan.

In my city there is the second most important harbour of the county due to the commercial movement. In our big harbour we export and import goods from Macedonia and from all the Balkan peninsula: flour, cereals, tobacco, cotton, worms of silk, opium, rice, leather, chromium, manganese and pyrites of iron.

Salonika is fantastic, you have to come here and enjoy visiting it!

Marta Míguez
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Salonika, Greece
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