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 Algiers, Algeria

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Laia Colom

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PostSubject: Algiers, Algeria   Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:47 pm

Hi, I’m from Algiers. Algiers is the capital of Algeria.
It has a surface of 273 km² and it has 2.159.051 habitants.We speak Arab and French.

It’s situated in the Mediterranean littoral and it’s one of the principal ports of Africa. In this port much of the Mediterranean trade is done.
It is a historical city but It’s also a very tourist city because here there are important and interesting places to visit. For example, you can visit an important monument like the Basilica Notre Dame d'Afrique. Other interesting place to visit is Dazzlingly, a lookout overlooking the cascade of Djazaïr Bay on the Mediterranean coast.
The climate is very good, since not too cold nor too hot.

Algiers is twin sister with many cities. These cities are;Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Cairo, Paris, Montreal, Sofia, Rabat, London, Tunis, Izmir, Moscow, Geneva, Tripoli, Rome, Dakar, Amsterdam, Washington, Shanghai, Dubai, Santiago, São Paulo, Tire, Buenos Aires and Bossaso.
In Algiers the contaminated water is discharged untreated into the sea,so we have a big problem there.
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Algiers, Algeria
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