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 Gaza, Palestina

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Judith Segovia

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PostSubject: Gaza, Palestina   Sat Oct 24, 2009 8:49 pm

I'm Gaza. I'm a city of Palestine which gives name to one of the two parts in which the Palestinian territories are divided (Gaza strip and Cisjordánea) and the capital of this zone.
I have 409.680 habitants. I am not a tourist city. I served as administrative base for the military Israeli forces that administered the Gaza strip from 1967 until 1994.
I am related to Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, Moscow, the capital of Russia, Damascus, a city of Syria, Caracas, capital of Venezuela, Quito, capital of Ecuador, Guadalajara, Mexico, Morocco, Madrid, capital of Spain, Paris, capital of France, Troms, a city of Norway.
I'm situated in the east of the Mediterranean Sea in the Near East. I have forty three kilometers of big beaches, a band of ideal land for the tourism but failed to take advantage of it due to safety problems. I have a possible solution if we receive help from the outside to reactivate the economy. I have very much potential. But I also have disadvantages. There are neither airports nor ports; Israel and Egypt control the incomes and exits. It would be complicated that Israel opened the borders but it might be easier if Egypt would help. I am a great competitor for tourism and residential zones. The safety is very bad but I hope that one day we can all live together in peace and the problems will stop.
I haven't many filter systems. Every day they are spilt in the Mediterranean littoral of Gaza between 50 and 60 million liters of black waters. I haven't much green zones.
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PostSubject: Re: Gaza, Palestina   Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:19 pm

Now you have to begin to read it aloud so that we can record it. Your teacher will help you with the pronuntiation.
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Gaza, Palestina
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