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 Tétouan, Morocco

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Laura Conde

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PostSubject: Tétouan, Morocco   Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:55 pm

Hi! I’m from Tétouan, a Moroccan city near the Strait of Gibraltar. It has 320,539 habitants, the official language is classic Arabic and the religion is Islam.
Tétouan is the Moroccan port which connects the country with different shipping routes of the Mediterranean. Through Tétouan we do trade between Africa and Europe. Tétouan is a gateway to Africa from Europe and access to Europe from Africa.
The city is also a meeting place of diverse cultures and is very cosmopolitan and open to all kinds of novelties.
The streets are wide and straight, and there are still many houses belonging to aristocratic families, descendants of those expelled from Al-Andalus by the Spanish "Reconquista".
The medina (old town) of Tétouan is on the World Heritage List of the UNESCO. The inner city is very characteristic and traditional. One can find many white houses there, especially low houses. Everywhere in the city there are people performing their craftsmanship, like weavers, jewellers, leather workers. Street sellers often try to sell carpets to tourists as well.
The royal palace in Tétouan is situated just outside and by one of the entrances to the medina. There is a public square in front of it.
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PostSubject: it has been corrected   Thu Oct 29, 2009 3:58 pm

If you could add a personal touch it would be great. You can begin to read it aloud to record you. We can help with pronuntiation.Teresa
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Tétouan, Morocco
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