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 English, Alexandria

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PostSubject: English, Alexandria   Tue Oct 27, 2009 10:44 pm

CITY: Alexandria

Alexandria, in the north is the second city more important in Egypt.
It is a big city with 3.8 millions habitants.It`s climate is temperate like all the cities in the Mediterranean Sea.That is the reason many people from Cairo come for a bit of fresh air in summer.
It is about 20 kilometres long by 3 , in the coast of Mediterranean with its famous passage sea “La Cornicha”. Alexandria was founded by Alejandro Magno in the 3rd century Before Christ. It was governed by Cleopatra,the eternal rival of Rome but now is a provincial town.
Alexandria had one of the 7 Wonders of the World,the Lighthouse of Alexandria, never found so far. It had its maximum cultural glow with the library of Alexandria, destroyed by fire and rebuilt and inaugurated in 2002, with capacity for 8 millions books.
Alexandria is twin sister with Dundee (United Kingdom), Caen (France), Gyumri (Armenia), Helsingborg (Sweden).
In the mid 70s Alexandria began to suffer problems of pollution and degradation.
In 1990 it was created the Friends of the Environment Association, FEA, in order to stop this deterioration. Its objective was the protection, restoration and improvement of the environment and to rebuild the environment in the region of Alexandria.
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English, Alexandria
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