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 Country: Portugal

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Arnau Santiago

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PostSubject: Country: Portugal   Wed Oct 28, 2009 6:39 pm

Portugal is the most western country of Europe and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and by Spain to the north and east. The Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira are also part of Portugal.
It has near 92,400km2 of Area approximately, counting the archipelagos too. There are many important cities, like Porto, Braga or Coïmbra, but the capital is Lisbon.

The inhabitants are approximately 10.400.000. The death rate is one of the smallest of the world.
Portugal has been one of the founder members of the euro, so it’s in the Euro zone.

This country, many centuries ago, was an important source of geographic knowledge, because a lot of famous discoverers, like Magalhanes, were originally from Portugal. So, not only in this country the people speak Portuguese, but in many countries where the discoverers arrived, like Brazil, many cities of India, Africa, etc.

The four main governing components in Portugal are the President of the Republic, the Parliament, known as Assembly of the Republic, the Government and the courts.

Portugal has 10,417,525 inhabitants of whom about 332,137 are legal immigrants.
The population of Portugal has been relatively homogeneous for most of its history. Nowadays, the 16.4% of Portugal population are less than 14 years old, the 66.22% between 15 and 64 years, and the 17.4% is older than 65. The middle life expectancy is 78 years approximately.
The population growth is near 0.30%: 10.45 people born per every 1000 and die 10.65 per every 1000.

If we talk about the quality of life, we should say that, although this is a developed country, there are people who don't have supply of potable water or electricity at home.

In 2008, about 8% of the people with a degree were unemployed, and a much larger proportion were underemployed. Nearly 60,000 people with an academic degree are unemployed in Portugal.
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Country: Portugal
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