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 Egypt, Danis Fernández

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Danis Fernandez

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PostSubject: Egypt, Danis Fernández   Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:49 pm

Hello! I live in Egypt, it is a beautiful country situated in the south-east of the Mediterranean Sea and in the north-east corner of Africa.
When we refer to the big sea we call it Mediterranean, like in Spain.
The neighbours of Egypt are Sudan, Libya, and Israel, and in the east there is the Red Sea.
The total extension is 1.001.450 km², it is one of the biggest countries in Africa.

El Cairo is the Capital City, it is the biggest city in Africa. It appeared in 1952, it is situated near the river Nile. The 20% of the population in Egypt lives in the metropolitan area of this city.
In 2006 the total population was 78.887.000 inhabitants. So, it had 75 hab/km².
The official currency is the Egyptian pound, but you can also use piasters.
The official language is the Arabic, and the second language is English. But it is normal to find people who speak Spanish in shops and markets.

Egypt is a republic; its president is Hosni Mubarak, who is the head of state.
This country belongs to the United Nacions, the DUDH, the Kyoto’s Protocol and others.
There are -0’21/1.000 migrant inhabitants, so it means that the migration is negative.
Here the life expectancy is about 71 years old, it is the number 124 in the world.
Most people who live here belong to a lower social class, but there are some rich people too. In general the quality of life is not the same in the different parts of the country.
For each 100 habitants in Egypt 10 are unemployed, it is a high data compared to other countries.

Its PIB is 431.900. Egypt possesses one of the most developed economies in the Middle East, its economy is improving every year. Its IDH was 0,708 in 2005, it occupied the number 112 in the world.
The pollution in Egypt is very big, although it signed the Kyoto’s protocol.

Another important thing is that 90% of the population are Muslims and there is a minority of Christian people.
The Suez Canal is an artificial sea-level waterway in Egypt, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, so it facilitates the trade with Mediterranean’s countries and Indic Oceans countries.
The most important thing of my country are the pyramids, who has not heard about pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, the great Sphinx, the museums, the mummies, etc.
A lot of people travel here to visit these things, so tourism is a very important thing in Egypt’s PIB.


Danis Fernández
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Egypt, Danis Fernández
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