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 Mónaco country

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Xué Gil

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PostSubject: Mónaco country   Wed Nov 04, 2009 7:11 pm

I’m Xué and I’m going to talk about the little country where I'm from. This country is Monaco. Monaco is a European country in the north of the Mediterranean Sea between France and Italy. It's very little: 1.95 km2 and its capital city is Monaco with a population of 32.796 inhabitants. Our official currency is the euro. There are two native languages: Monegasc (a variety from North-Italian and Lígur) and Occitan, but the official language is French. Part of the population also speaks English and Italian. We have been governed by a constitutional monarchy since 1911 with a prince as head of the state. Our prince is Alberto II and our Prime Minister is Jean-Paul Proust. We have been a member of ONU since 1933. In 2002 we were about 31.800 inhabitants and in 2008 the number increased in 800 more. About 7.64 per 1000 inhabitants are migrants, but there isn’t much legal immigration and there isn’t any illegal immigration. Our life expectancy is 84 years old for women and about 76.1 years old for men. In Monaco there aren’t many crimes because there isn’t envy or poverty. We have a good education and we respect the environment. For this we are in the fourth position in the world and in the first position in Europe about quality of life. There isn’t any unemployment in here. The GDP in year 2000 was 870 million US$, the GDP per capita was 27000 US$ and the IDH in 1997 was 0.946. There aren’t many environmental problems: there is some pollution in the Mediterranean because of the waste dumping but no more problems. But soon we will have to do something about it if we want that tourists keeps coming; because we are a tourist country and we also have an important casino where people gamble.
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Mónaco country
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