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 English, Greece

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Luana Gu

PostSubject: English, Greece   Sat Nov 07, 2009 2:54 pm

Hello! I’m from Greece and now I’m going to explain to you all of things that I know about my country.
Well, I'll start explaining what my favorite neighbor countries are. One of them is Turkey, because I love döner kebab, it’s a very typical food there. And another country is Albania. The
little beach of Vlora is wonderful and special. Greece has two more neighbors, Macedonia and Bulgaria.
Here the capital city is Athens, and our official currency is the Euro. In my country the life expectancy is about 79 years, if I’m 15 I still have much life to live left .
I’m speaking English, but here, we speak Greek. Do you remember the last year when Greece won Eurovision? Greece is surrounded by three seas: The Aegean sea, Lonian
sea and the sea of Crete.
There are more migrants in my country than immigrants (3,56 migrants/1000 inhabitants and 2,34 /1000 inhabitants). In 2008 the population of my country increased and now we are 11,240,000 inhabitants. The PIB in Greece is 326,4 mil millions (2007), and the IDH is 0.912 (24th of the world).
The unemployment is above the euro-zone average, but it is falling.
I love my country. It's the best! And Greece has very beautiful islands, like Santorini and Creta, these are my favorite ones. The Mediterranean, in Greece, is wonderful.
Do I have to remind you that Greece is the cradle of: culture,
philosophy, arts? and its famous buildings and sites such as the Parthenon, or Delfos?

Luana Guitart Velasco
4t ESO D
Youth for Med
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English, Greece
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