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 Palestinian Territoris...

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Bilal Agzennai

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PostSubject: Palestinian Territoris...   Sun Nov 08, 2009 2:48 pm

Palestinian Territoris

Hi, I was born in the Palestinian territories, but now I live in Spain. My name is Bilal and I am 15. I came to live in Spain with my parents when I was 8. I think that Spain is a beautiful country but my Palestine, the town where I lived, is more beautiful, but because of the war I left.
Palestinian territories is a region that is located at the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, west of Jordan and southern Lebanon. It is a territory that is formed by the regions of Cisjordania and Gaza. It hasn’t a capital, but the most important city is Gaza.
My country has an area of 6170, but is divided between the two regions that form the Palestinian territories.
The Palestinian territories, had a Muslim religion, but some people are Christians,and unlike other areas, there are good friends. There is also a very small minority, of Jews
The languages that we speak in my country, is Arabic, the second language is English and other languages like French and German are less common
People dress modestly and it is hoped that tourists do not wear clothes such as shorts, short skirts for women or very light clothing. They work everyday from 8am to 5pm, Friday being a holiday (in some places also on Sunday is a rest day and Saturday is a holiday for Jews).
We have traditions like Independence Day and the Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, where the world showed their solidarity with us.
Also, in the Palestinian territories there are many artists, very brilliant people; the most famous is Dahn Abou Rahme, a singer who lives in New York and has very successful CDs in Arab music.
The most famous food in the Palestinian territories are:
Falafel: It is a dumpling of chickpeas or lima beans dating back to the days of the Bible
Maqluba: a dish of rice and other ingredients.
marmahon: Arabic paste that can be bought ready-made, in special stores such as pasta for soups.
Telecommunications are increasingly taking power:
TV: Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC official), various local TV channels, are the most popular Arab satellite stations (Al Jazeera, Abu Dhabi, ANN, MBC, Al-Arabiya)

The Palestinian territories aren’t a country(now) and they belong to the Palestinian Authority, our President is Mahmoud Abbas and the Prime Minister is Ismail Haniya

The official currency is new Israeli shekel (NIS, the most widespread) and Jordanian Dinar
Today, Palestine is part of many organizations, the most famous are:
Arab League: it's an umbrella organization of Arab states.
World Health Organization: specializing in managing policies for prevention, health promotion and intervention in global
We are 5,000,000 persons,
Chile is the country where there are more Palestinians outside the Arab world, between 450,000 and 500,000 thousand descendants.The only people who come to the Palestinian territories are the Jews
The life expectancy for men is 70 years and women 73. Women have more work than men in Palestine
In Palestinian territories people do not live as they please, so I live here, my father has a better job and better living
The pollution is very high in the Palestinian territories, especially nuclear contamination, and children get sick easily. There is also serious water pollution
That is all, this is all that I know about my country, now if the war between Palestinians and Israelis stops and the economic situation improves we can be a free country.

Thank you
See you

Bilal Agzennai 4D
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Palestinian Territoris...
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