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 Climatic change week

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Antonio Peris

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PostSubject: Climatic change week   Sun Nov 08, 2009 5:26 pm

The climatic change’s fight has no progress. In the last talk, which was from 2nd to 6th of November, the UE and the United States suggested that they wanted to replace the Kyoto’s protocol to another treaty, which will decrease the pollution’s emissions in all countries. The UE says that the pact will be in a month but, probably, they will delay it. According to the Congress, the emission’s decreases are about the 17% and the 20%. The problem is that the most important countries and the continents disagree. United States says that they can’t sign any accord because the senate doesn’t approve the law which decreases the emissions, they also wanted a control of China’s emissions and they wanted that UE increase a 30% the emission’s decrease. On the other hand, China and India accepted the actual limitations of pollution, but they didn’t want that United States controlled his emissions. The UE keep his 20% decrease of pollution, it wanted also to limit the emissions of pollution in the countries in development and replace the Kyoto’s protocol to another treaty. Africa that didn’t like the UE’s opinion, wanted to keep the Kyoto’s protocol.
Finally they wanted to get a politic accord in Copenhagen that it can sign United States. In 2010 developed it and change it for Kyoto’s protocol in 2012.
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Climatic change week
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