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 Algeria, Paula Batalla

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Paula Batalla

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PostSubject: Algeria, Paula Batalla   Sun Nov 15, 2009 11:42 pm

Hello! My name’s Paula and I’m from Algeria, It's situated in the south-est of Spain, next It’s between Marruecos, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Lybia and Tunis.
It is a big enough country, the area is 2.381.740 km ², and the capital city is Argel.
The population of Algeria has more or less 32.531.853 habitants, is a big country!
The money currency is Algerian dinar and the languages are arab, french and spanish, but spanish little bit less.
The government it’s trained for the president Abdelaziz Bouteflika and the firs ministral calls Ahmed Ouyahia
The international organizations of Algeria there are ONU,UE,UA.
Between 1961 a 2003, the population is increasing very much, It’s happen from 1,5 millions to 35 millions.
Many people of Algeria,there are immigrants and to be in the South Spain and the coasts, and in the migration there ara less people.
Expect that the population arrive to the 72 years old more or less, until the women expect that they live a bit more, but the quality of life is depen of the place, Aspain have more quality of live than Argelia.
Prices it of unemployment is quite low, there is of 17, 1%, but the works of other people is de bit quality.
The PIB of Algeria is regular, in 2003 increasing until the 2006 (8k) , and went back to go down in the 2007 (6.7k), and the IDH this in the half group of the qualification.
Algeria has forced to protect the Mediterranean of the pollution and is the one of the citys more development of Magreb.
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Algeria, Paula Batalla
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