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 My country, Republic of Slovenia

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Ericksson de Freitas

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PostSubject: My country, Republic of Slovenia   Tue Nov 17, 2009 11:06 pm

Hello, my name is Ericksson de Freitas and I’m from Slovenia. My country, the Republic of Slovenia is situated in Central Europe. The geographic situation in Mediterranean Sea is near Adriatic Sea at southwest. The countries neighbours near Slovenia are Italy in the west, Croatia in the south and east and finally Hungary in the northeast and Austria in the north. Slovenia has got an area of 20.273 km2 approximately. The capital city of Slovenia is Ljubljana, and the population is 2.011.614(the capital Ljubljana has got 265.000).The official language is the Slovenian language. In Slovenia the president is Danilo Türk and Prime Minister is Borut Pahor. Slovenia hasn’t got a monarchy. Slovenia is a member of UN, EU, NATO, OSCE and COE. The demographic growth of Slovenia is very bad, because the average of children is only 1,26 percent . The life expectancy is of 76, 5 years. The PIB is of 44,429 milions (€) and the IDH is 0,917(in the year 2005), is the 27 th country in the ranking. In the history of Slovenia the most important is the independence from Yugoslavia the 25th of June of 1991.

Ericksson de Freitas
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My country, Republic of Slovenia
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