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 Questions about recycling (for Clara Baringo`s round table)

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Laura Conde

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PostSubject: Questions about recycling (for Clara Baringo`s round table)   Fri Nov 20, 2009 4:18 pm

1.Why have you decided to carry out this type of recycling?
2.Do you think it is effective and useful? Why?
3.What are the advantages and disadvantages os this system?
4.Were there any more ideas about how to recycle organic material?
5.What do people think about this new way to recycle?
6.Do you think people will have a positive reaction to this change?
7.Will people be able to differentiate the signs?
8.Will they understand well the use of the different types of containers?
9.Do people have enough information?
10.Do you think people will accept this change?
11.Do people use the different containers properly?
12.Today there are more and more containers. Do you think that there will be many more in a few years’ time?
13.Must this system apply to the rest of the country?
14.Does this system apply in other countries?
15.Why hasn’t this recycling system been applied before?
16.Who has decided to implement it?
17.Do you think that this information campaign will be enough, or will it require anything else?
18.Changing all the containers must be expensive. Do you think the investment is worth in this moment of crisis?
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Questions about recycling (for Clara Baringo`s round table)
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