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 istanbul Lluís Barbero

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PostSubject: istanbul Lluís Barbero   Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:03 pm

Hi I’m Mohammed and I’m from Istanbul.
Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey with 1.800.000 people. It’s situated in the east of Europe. It is the capital of the region of Estambul. In Istanbul the majority of the people are muslims.
Istambul is the same as "in the town". In the past the city was called Bizancio by the Greek, dedicated to their king Byzas. Afterwards it took the name of Constantinopla because of the king Constantin. In the year 1453 Constantinopla was destroyed.
Along its long life the city was conquered by the Persian in the fith century before Christ, by the Spartan in the year 479 and by the Greek in 409.
The Golden Horn is one of the most important places of Istanbul, it is the Bosphorus strait, which divides the city and connects the Marmara Sea with the Black Sea.
Another important place is Ayaa Sofia, the most important church of Istanbul. It was Christian until the fifteen century, when it became a mosque.

There are more wonders in Istanbul: the Blue Mosque, the Dolmabache Palace, The Topkapi museum, which keeps, among other important things, one of Mohamed's hair, and so many beautiful places that you can spend a month here and haven't seen it all.

Istanbul is twin town with: 22 citiess in Europe, 22 in Asia, 9 in America and with 4 in Africa.

We like the Mediterranean because in Istanbul we fish a lot of and for this reason we have an important port. If you ever come and visit us, don't forget to go to the port and eat bread and fish, just fished and grilled by the very fishermen there. It's delicious!
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istanbul Lluís Barbero
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