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 English, Gibraltar

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Hector B

PostSubject: English, Gibraltar   Wed Oct 21, 2009 5:27 pm

Hi, I’m from Gibraltar and I want to have a lot of visitors on holiday so I do an adverstising for persons who are interested in Gibraltar.
Gibraltar has an interesting history, it is in Spain but is a British colony because in 1704 Spain had a civil war . The civil war was called “Guerra de la sucesión” . The British then Gibraltar. When the civil war finished in the Utrech treaty (1713) Spain tried to recuperate Gibraltar in 1727 and 1779 – 1782 but Spain couldn’t and they put a border between Spain and Gibraltar.
Some years later in the second world war Gibraltar became a base of operations of the British between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
Francisco Franco considered Gibraltar to be Spanish property and he tried to expulse the British but he failed.
Gibraltar has a traditional day. This day is 10th September when in 1976 there was a referndum. In this referendum Gibraltarins could chose to be Spainsh or British and they decided to be British for this reason in Gibraltar the official language is English , but everybody speaks Spanish.We are called "Llanitos" by everyone in the zone of Algeciras.
Gibraltar has an excellent touristic zone called The Peak where there are monkeys and the tourits. Gibraltar has also beautiful coasts and small surface for this reason it has a big density of habitants.
It also has, an expectacular geofraphic accident called “Gibraltar`s Peak” and has beautiful views and you can see Morroco.
The Strait of Gibralta is very important because is the natural pass from the Mediterraneum to the Atlantic Ocean.The sailors thought that there were monstres.
A curious annecdoct of Gibraltar is that in the trilogy Millenium, Gibraltar appeared as the favourite place of the protagonist, Lisbeth Sanderson.
We are very famous for the practice of windsurfing and katesurfing and many people come here for that reason.
Visit Gibraltar don’t forget this!
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PostSubject: Gibraltar has been corrected   Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:06 pm

Hector, I had to correct many errors because you never re-read what you wrote. You have to pay attention and work more carefully.
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English, Gibraltar
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