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 Bosnia & Herzegovina

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PostSubject: Bosnia & Herzegovina   Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:53 am

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the least popular countries of the Mediterranean Sea. Sarajevo is its capital and this country has nearly 4.000.000 inhabitants. It is included in the Balkan region. It borders Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro. Bosnia and Herzegovina only has 26 km of coast in the Adriatic Sea, and is located between the Balkan area and Italy. The official language of the country is Serbo-Croatian. The Serbian population uses the Cyrillic alphabet, while the Croatians and the Muslims use the Latin one.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a federal republic. We were part of the old Yugoslavia together with Croatia and Serbia, but when the Chancellor Tito died we had a very cruel war against Serbia. Finally Bosnia and Herzegovina was accepted as an independent country in 1992. Now it is one of the poorest republics in the area. It has a GDP of $8,2.

The official currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Convertible mark. The Human Development Index (IDH) is between 800 and 850, more or less.

We can add that the life expectancy in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not bad: it is situated between 77’5 and 80 years old. Regarding to demographic growth, in the last years, after the war, the population is rather stable.

It also has a clean migration rate: there are more people who stay in the country than people who leave it.

Little by little and with the help of the European Union we are building the country again. We love our country. Come and visit us.
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Bosnia & Herzegovina
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