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 Oran, Lydia Rodríguez

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PostSubject: Oran, Lydia Rodríguez   Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:56 am

Hi, I’m from Oran, a big city in Algeria situated on the north Mediterranean coast of Africa. The city has a population of 1 million of people and most of them speak Berber and Arabic, the two official languages, but many people speak French too. Oran has an ideal Mediterranean climate; hot, dry summers and warm, cool winters.
Our city has remarkable history. It was founded in 903 by Moorish Andalusia traders. Then we suffered many invasions: Ottoman and Spanish troops conquered the city several times; later the French dominated us until “The slaughter of Oran” in 1962, which put an end to the French invasion.
Trade is an important part of our economy. Ours is one of the leading ports: we ship wheat, wine, vegetables, wool, iron, etc. Oran is a commercial, industrial, and financial center. The countries with which we trade are France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Oran is also known for the agricultural production, especially; banana, tomato, chocolate, sugarcane, soya, etc.
The unemployment rate is 17% .

Tourism is really great; Oran has numerous hotels as well as many restaurants offering a variety of Algerian and other foods. I like to go to have dinner at Restaurant Mauritania: there’s a lot of good seafood! Fish dishes are exceptionally good. Selling alcohol is only available in the most expensive restaurants and hotels and is not usually cheap. The big hotels may have a good European wine cellar. We respect the laws of alcohol
Tourists will also find a variety of theaters, art centers, the museum, the historical center of the city of Oran, the district of Sidi Al Houari, the city gardens and spas nearby. The attractions are the Kasbah (the old city ) the sixteenth century mosque of Sidi Al Houari Pasha and the museum which exhibits prehistoric paintings. And talking about arts, you must know that the folk music called Raï has its origin in Oran.
We have rocky beaches, long and easily accessible from the city. The fig and olive forests in summer become ski area during winter. We don’t have a lot of sports but riding is popular and the northern coast offers fishing and navigation. Football is also popular.
In the ninth month of Muslim calendar, we celebrate Ramadan; we cannot eat or drink from sunrise to sunset.
In my city there are craftsmen who make carpets. Generally, carpets are made with wool from sheep. Every year in March, the town of Ghardaia organizes a great fair of carpets where I go with all my family. Many weavers meet, show articles and participate in contests.
The Mediterranean is absolutely strategic for us. 95% of external trade of our country is by sea. We love and need the sea and must take care of it.
The ecological balance is rather negative but Oran is now working on the development of electricity from solar panels and natural gas. They intend to complete the project in 2010, and the energy produced will be exported to Europe.
We are twinned with:
Alicante, Spain
Bordeaux, France,
La Habana, Cuba
Dakar, Senegal,
Durban, South Africa
Gdansk, Poland,
Sfax, Tunisia,
Zarka, Jordan,
Lydia Rodríguez Cortés 4ºESO B
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Oran, Lydia Rodríguez
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