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 Malta, Aida Mata

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Aida Mata

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PostSubject: Malta, Aida Mata   Wed Nov 25, 2009 6:51 pm



Hi! I’m Aida and I’m from Malta. Now I’m talking about my country. Malta is in the centrall Mediterranean Sea at 93 Km south of Sicily (Italy) and 288Km north-east of Tunisia. Malta is an island and the Mediterranean Sea is around it. My neighbours are Sicily and North Africa. It’s area is 316 Km2. Malta’s capital is Valletta. It’s population is 413.609 hab. The official currency is the euro and the languages are Maltese and English. Malta is a Parlamentary Republic, the president is George Abela and the Primer Minister is Lawrence Gonzi. Since 1964 Malta is a member of the United Nations, since 2004 of European Union and since 2008 of Eurozone, also NGO, COE and OSCE. The more migrants are from Australia and the most immigrants are to Australia too. The life expectancy of the maltese is around 79.3 years and the quality of life is very good. It has a maltese cuisine, based on fresh seasonal locally available produce and seafood. The most popular food is Ftira and Patizzi a thypical snak. The local festivals are similar to those in southern Italy. One of this festivals is dedicated to the feast of Saints Peter and Snt. Paul. One sport of Malta is Bocci Klabs similar to French Pétanque or British Bowls. It’s PIB (PPP) is $ 9.893 billions and the nominal is $ 8.730 billions. The IDH is 0,894 (high). Malta hasn’t a large scale of chemical industry. The major souces of pollution are: the power stations, the waste tips; sewage outflowr, motor vehicles and the construccion industry. The water is generally of poor quality. In 2000 the unemployment was high than 2001 but this year the people have more jobs and this is lower.

Aida Mata
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Malta, Aida Mata
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