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 stockholm / Sweden

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Marc Lillo

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PostSubject: stockholm / Sweden   Thu Nov 26, 2009 8:12 pm


Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden . Stockholm is the most populous city in Sweden with a population of 818,603 in the city (2009), 1.25 million in the urban area (2005), and 2 million in the metropolitan area (2009). Stockholm is located on Sweden's south-central east coast, where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm is a very popular city for the tourism on the summer. Apart from being a large city with an active cultural life, Stockholm, as Sweden's capital, houses many national cultural institutions. There are two UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Stockholm area: the Royal Palace Drottningholm and the The Woodland Cemetery. Stockholm was the 1998 European City of Culture.
Stockholm has a humid continental climate or maritime. Due to the city's high northerly latitude, daylight varies widely from more than 18 hours around midsummer, to only around 6 hours in late December. Despite its location, Stockholm has relatively mild temperatures and much warmer and sunnier weather throughout the year than most other places at similar latitude, or even somewhat further south.

It’s a city very clean where is so difficult to see any dishes on the ground. People respects a lot nature of Stockholm.
Stockholm has an extensive public transport system, one that by at least one measure is the most expensive in the world. The vast majority of Stockholmians work in the service industry, which accounts for roughly 85% of jobs in Stockholm. The almost total absence of heavy industry makes Stockholm one of the world's cleanest metropolises.
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stockholm / Sweden
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