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 Action plan on the mediterranean sea

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Action plan on the mediterranean sea Empty
PostSubject: Action plan on the mediterranean sea   Action plan on the mediterranean sea EmptyThu Dec 10, 2009 3:26 pm


• Subjects: English, Chemistry, Physics.

• Language: English

• Stages and timing

o 1st: Students in groups of 4 or 5 will write 6 different parts of the work (see Chemical pollution in the Mediterranean sea)

o 2nd: After correcting the contents (both scientific and language) students will write a document with all the contents of the 6 parts. This document will be uploaded on the reference section of youthformed, after having been revised (January 2010)

o 3rd: One session with the whole group to search information related to the results presented in the document (February 2010)

• Title and outline of the work


I. Pollutants:
1. Soaps and detergents
2. Agricultural residues: nitrates, phosphates, pesticides, fungicides, etc.
3. Oil and its derivatives: hydrocarbons, organic solvents, organochlorates, etc.
4. Heavy metals: mercury, chromium, lead, etc.
5. Residues of food industry
6. Radioactive products

II. Location of pollutants in different Mediterranean zones

III. a. Flora
b. Fauna
c. Water temperature
d. Water composition: dissolved oxygen, salinity, etc.

IV. Projects and plans directed to minimize and/or prevent chemical pollution in the Mediterranean sea

• Planning and timing

6 groups of students. Each group will search information one of the 6 pollutants mentioned in section I, its location (section II), how they affect the flora, fauna and water quality (section III) and the projects or plans that could avoid such pollution (section IV).

Each group will write a report in English that will be handed out after Christmas holidays (January, 11th, 2010).

• Lay out and contents

The reports have to be handed over in a word document, Arial 10, with 1,5 line space and will content:

1. cover
2. Index
3. Body of the report (maximum 5 pages)
4. Bibliography

1. The cover has to be a full page (number one of the report) and include the following information:

• Title
• Author/authors and their class
• Date

2. The index will have all the different sections of the report (the titles of each part of the body of the report) and their page number.

3. The body of the report will have the information of the assigned task divided up in 4 parts including descriptions, drawings, graphs, etc. Each part can be divided into sub chapters, each one with a heading.

4. The bibliography has to include the list of reference books, encyclopaedias, magazines used for the work. It has to be organized in alphabetical order of authors, following the publication date, title of the book, place of publication, house publisher.

In a separate list you have to include the web pages, ordered according to the date you consulted them (this is important as not all web pages and indefinitely active).

Example how to write the bibliography:

Bernal Guerrero, A. (1989). Técnicas de investigación educativa. Sevilla, Alfar.

Example how to write the web pages: _harvard.c.htm (visited: October, 31st 2007) (visited: November 25th 2007)
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Action plan on the mediterranean sea
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