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Maria Ciutad

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PostSubject: DEGRADATION - MARIA CIUTAD   Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:27 pm


The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most contaminated semi closed sea in the world. Thousands of tons of toxic waste are discharged by industry into the sea. Other activities that threaten the Mediterranean are commercial navigation, urban and agricultural pollution and the effects of tourism.


Trawling is the worst fishing method that exists. It consists of a sock-shaped network that is pulled from the boat. Doing it in this way, all that lies along the way is trapped inside the network.

It destroys the ground of the sea, place where a lot of seaweeds, plants and other organisms live. But looking in a positive point of view, trawling shows a lot of organic items. For example, in zones where the sunlight never produces a good effect, trawling finds out worms, little crustaceans… which are food for bigger animals.


The Mediterranean coasts are overexposed to the human influence. Zones without human effects are impossible to find. And the aquaculture sector is another pressure, requiring areas with a good water quality to install its farms. These farms are very worrying when these farms are near to sea meadows.

There is another risk, and it is the introduction of illnesses into the local species because of the baits. This risk happened in Australia with the tuna fish, and it’s possible that here in the Mediterranean the same may happen too. The diffusion of illnesses can be a disaster.

The aquaculture also includes the introduction of new species in the region, the chemical products of the farms thrown into the sea water and the conflict with the other uses of the coast.

Maritime transport

Some of the maritime transport most important routes go across the Mediterranean Sea. A lot of ships transport dangerous merchandises and if they pour some, it is really harmful for the marine ecosystem.

The heavy metals and the organic compounds cause irreversible damages to the health and the sea life. The “black points”, where the high concentrations of mercury, cadmium, zinc and lead, are normally identified in the coast zones. These zones receive high concentrations of industrial and urban discharges. These substances can move very far from the “black point” and travel to the other side of the Mediterranean It is a risk for the people who depend on the sea.


The Mediterranean Sea is perfect for tourists. Its pleasant climate, its splendid coasts, its abundant history and the diversity of cultures make our sea one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Tourism is one of the most important industries in a lot of the Mediterranean countries. But although it represents benefits to the regions, it is important for the degradation of the coast and the sea environment.

The fast development and building of hotels and apartments in the Mediterranean countries is supported by the different governments because they want tourists. But these fast transformations create damage to the ecosystem like serious problems of erosion, contamination in the coast and in the water, the increase of forest fires, etc.

Tourism is often concentrated in zones with a lot of flora and fauna, so it’s also an important threat for the habitat, like the marine turtle and the monk seal.
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