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 The Mediterranean Climate

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Laura López

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PostSubject: The Mediterranean Climate   Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:20 pm

The typical Mediterranean climate is cold and humid in the winter and dry in the summer for the variations of the polar front and the high subtropical pressures. It is characterized by no below 0º temperatures in winter and dry summers, when there are usually droughts. It is the hottest climate in Europe.

But we can find different types of climate: from the softest and humid on the coast to the colder and dry in the center, as it happens in the Iberian Peninsula. The maritime polar air predominates in autumn, in winter and in spring. The seasons where there is more rain are Autumn and Spring. Winter is a period with little rain. In summer, especially at the end, there are more storms. The rainfall is between 400 and 1000 mm for year, depending on the places.

Because of this, the ground is often deep and rich in nutrients and water.
The areas of this type of climate are: Europe Mediterranean and Africa, central and south California, south Western Australia, the coast of Chile and “Cabo’s” city. The “macaronèsiques” islands are considered Mediterranean for their rain although they have subtropical temperatures. The Rainfall influence goes until Afghanistan, but it has a subdesertic climate.

Laura López i Chimo
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The Mediterranean Climate
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