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 fishing round table

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Maria Serrano

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PostSubject: fishing round table   Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:42 pm

Here are some ideas you can use in your round table. They are general ones. Then you should go into more detail when you talk of your country or city.

The fact that the Mediterranean Sea is a nearly closed sea makes that its water is poorly renewed with water from the Atlantic Ocean. Then it has poor nutrients, which affects the fauna very much. The amount of species in the sea has decreased a lot.

Another important fact is contamination. The European Union has promoted the countries that belong to it that sewage treatment plants were built so that the sewage water that goes to the Mediterranean is properly filtered but there are some countries that do not follow these instructions and the sea is more and more polluted every day.

Some fishing methods don’t help either. For example:
1) trawl. It consists of very large nets, kms. of them, that trap and drag all sorts of animals: dolphins and other cetacean, tortoises, etc. and it destroys the substrate of the sea and the vegetation that grows there, especially the posidonia oceanica, the most important plant for the ecological balance in our sea.
2) 2) Driftnets. Big nets that fall to the bottom of the sea and catch all inside them, big/small fish, cetacean, tortoises, etc. They are forbidden by the European Union.

Some countries don’t respect the minimum size of fish to catch them.

Some species such as anchovies and sardines are overfished, especially in Spain, Morocco and Algeria. The read tuna fish is over exploited, not only by Mediterranean countries but also by fleets that come from Asia, Africa and South America.


The fishing boats should be improved technologically and have electronic devices such as radars to detect the fish they want to catch.

All Mediterranean countries should follow the European Union regulations to control excessive catch, respect sizes and the breeding periods.

Fisheries could be an alternative, where the selected species of fish would be bred and there would be less need to catch them in the sea.

As Greenpeace suggests, create “ocean parks”, marine reserves protected from pollution or fishing to regenerate the sea.

SS who live in towns with a port could go there and watch and report the boats that use driftnets or catch small fish.

Start a campaign in schools telling SS to object to buy or eat any small fish.

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fishing round table
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