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 CROATIA (Country)

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Ot Aguilera

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PostSubject: CROATIA (Country)   Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:23 pm


I’m going to talk to you about a splendid country of the Mediterranen sea. That splendid country is Croatia. It’s in Europe .Croatia is next to the Adriatic sea. The maximum width of the sea is 200m and the maximum depth is 444m. Croatia has frontiers with five different countries. Bosnia, Serbia, Eslovenia, Hungary and a litle part of Montenegro. It’s 56.542 km2. Oh! I forgot to tell you the capital city! It’s Zagreb, which has more than a 1.200.000 people! In total Croatia has 4.437.460 inhabitants. Our currency is kuna. There are different lenguages here. The official lenguage is Croat, (shtokavian was the name here), but there is more than one lenguage, chakavian and kaikavian. It’s a republic and the president is Stjepan Mesić and the Prime Minister is Kosor Jadranka. We have good weather, in summer 27ºC, and in winter 2ºC (that’s cold!). The country is divided into different regions, according to the ecosystem. Our forests ara completely different if you are in Dubrounik ( on the coast) or in Plitvice (inland). Croatia belongs to different internacional organitzations for example, ONU, OTAN, OSCE, COE, CEFTA, UNESCO, WWF...
Life expectancy for men is 70 years, but for women it gets up to 77 years.
I started school at the age of 6, and in the past you could study until 14 but in 2007, the goverment passed a new law, that allows you to study until 18 years. We have seven world heritage places. My favourite is Plitvice, with lakes, waterfalls and huge forests.The hymn is called Lijepa naša domovino. The food is typical of the Mediteranen Sea.

The PIB is US$ 73.087 million and the IDH is 0,850. We are in the 47th position in the world.

The most important in our country happened 20 years ago (in that time I wasn't born, so I don’t know really well.) So, 20 years ago we had a terrible war that destroyed half the country. We fought aganist Serbians. Many people died. Specially women and children. One of the most beautiful cities on the Mediteranean sea, Dubrovnik, was completely destroyed. The war is over now and we are recovering from that tregedy. Dubrounik, as it is a world heritage site is perfectly rebuilt mainly thanks to the Eurepean Union. We also lost the great amount of turist that spent their holidays here before the war. Now, the number of visitors is increasing rapidly.
I have an automonous dog breed. That dog is dalmata. The name of the dog is Stainet.

OK! Thats all! If you want to know more about my country called Croatia, come here and visit all you want.

Ot Aguilera Serrano 4D ESO
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CROATIA (Country)
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