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 Round table (tourism) Problems and solutions

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Nura Abbas

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PostSubject: Round table (tourism) Problems and solutions   Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:01 pm

Problems: It has more tourist than can be placed in the city.
Solutions:Big hotels had to be constructed, because more people can stay in it.

Dayr al-Balah
Problems: There's a war between Palestina ans Israel, so there's no tourists because no-one want to visit it.
Solutions:The countries wich are rich have to give money to Dayr al-Balah to reconstruct this place ans can make more tourism.

Problems:It's so expensive and only can go rich people.
Solutions:To share money to poor places and to make cheaper the prices.Also everybody can have the oportunity to go there.

Czech Republic
Problems:This country, specially Prague, are so expensive and there ara a mass of tourists. They dirty throw the rubbish and polute the country.
Solutions:The country must find a sistem to clean the country and moderate the tourists who arrived to this place.

Problems:There are too many polution in the water and in the land. People dirty this places.
Solutions:Fine machines to clean poluted places and people help to clean this city and don't trow the rubbish. We need reneuable energies.

Problems: The buildings are nearly the beach, so it has a problem for the animals. The buildins that tey construct are to cheap abd they are in a bas conditions.
Solutions: Make big hotels and don't look build less houses near the beach. Put more cleaner services.
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Round table (tourism) Problems and solutions
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