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 Round table(tourism) DO WE COMPRIMISE?

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Nura Abbas

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PostSubject: Round table(tourism) DO WE COMPRIMISE?   Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:15 pm

Tourism is one of the main economical sources for the Mediterranean countries, qe have to take care of it and have a responsable tourism, so members, we have to eich a consensus in the proposals.
Self-suficient in energy recicling water and organic debrees respectfull with the enviroment.

Our propose is to create an agency throught internet wich enables the young people in the Mediterranean to visit different countries cheering houses and in this way we will know how move abaout the costumes ans the languages.

We propose rich countries help the poorer countries to rebuild the places. Create new sites of interest to redistribute the tourism.

We have to help Gazza to rebuild the zone que have thru that insteat of sending money que bought snet experts from the different turistical areas a long with the young people of the Mediterranean to rebuild Gazza, so what in the near future we can go on holiday there.
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Round table(tourism) DO WE COMPRIMISE?
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