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 Round table (energies renovables)

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Danis Fernandez

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PostSubject: Round table (energies renovables)   Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:07 pm

As you all know Israel is a very dry country but we are technologically in the first places in the World. Because we are rich country and we invest in renewable energies, but we need more sun and wind energy to obtain water.

As oil is very expensive and not all countries can afford it, a proposal would be to recycle objects that are made with oil, for example: glasses and combs.

Sorry, but I don’t agree. But if you use photovoltaic panels, the birds can die with the hot zones.


The pollution in Egypt is terrible, our waters are one of the most contaminated in the Mediterranean sea. For this reason it’s very important to reduce debrees in it.

We think that a good may to get energy is invest in solar energy, because we have a lot of sun all the year. But solar panels have a lot of problems, because when we make them we contamin a lot, and they are too expensive.

The discussion is open.


The proposals of this table are:

- To put solar panels on the roofs of all the schools along the Mediterranean, for self usage and selling the rest of the energy.

- More win mils in the sea.

- To inform people about the necessity of recycling, creating a recycling day, in which all the young people will inform about recycling.
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Round table (energies renovables)
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