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 food (and water) round table -FRANCE-

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Laura Farzón

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PostSubject: food (and water) round table -FRANCE-   Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:36 pm


Bernat: ...
Me: Yes, some countries don’t control it. I think they are talking about it in the round table fishing.
Ot: …
Me: We don’t have many problems about the food and we’ve got the Mediterranean diet, but we’re worried because nowadays many young people eat fast-food and we want to pass the Mediterranean diet to our children.
(I think) Bernat: …
Me: Yes, we are also worried about the climate change, so maybe in the future we are going to need to introduce new sources of food.
Bernat: …
Me: We could expand the algae farming like the purple liver which in Japan and in Korea is giving good results.
Ot: …
Me: It’s too important; I think we should talk about it in another conference.
Ot: …
Me: expand the algae farming like the purple liver that is giving good results.
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food (and water) round table -FRANCE-
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